About GetReemo

About Me

My name is James Gray, and I’m a 27-year old fitness enthusiast, and I’ve been practicing various kinds of sports since I was a child.

I started with swimming and soccer, like most kids my age back then, but then I developed a passion for football and some weightlifting.

Then, I went on to study computer engineering at Iowa State University, where my activity took a real dip. But then I learned about the existence of fitness trackers, and that’s when the stars aligned for me, and I found my true passion –using technology to enhance my fitness level.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried so many devices, followed many tips, and learned so much about how these smart gadgets work. Finally, I’ve decided to share all my knowledge, as well as benefit from others’, all on one platform.

About GetReemo

I actually started documenting the things I learn and how to improve fitness tracking as a reference to myself, but then the idea of launching a website for this purpose seemed more reasonable.

From how these gadgets work, their sensors, and how to enhance them, the technology used, and the different options available on the market –I gather all the information related to this field.

On the site, you’ll find informative articles explaining the technology and the mechanisms of operation, comparative articles that compare between two products, as well as buying guides where different products are compared to each other in order to help you reach a final decision.

Above all, you’ll find a community that will help you get more well-informed regarding fitness and sports, give you support and motivation, as well as provide challenges and push you forward to do your best and enjoy your ability to move and work out.